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Breaking: Large Asteroid May Hit the Pacific Ocean – Ex – CIA Official (Video 3 m)

Quarter Mile wide asteroid headed towards the Pacific sub seduction zone. Scientist and top secret meetings believe this could cause major impact on earthquakes.

My comment: I have watched for incoming asteroids for many years. It was well known in the secret agencies and the US Navy that US officials were expecting an asteroid to hit the Pacific ocean at some time in the future. Even retired Navy officers decided against living near the Pacific coast of California and Oregon because of what they knew, and they instead moved to states like Missouri.

I questioned whether or not any one knew of a specific asteroid hitting the earth. But instead I concluded that because of the massive coverage of the Pacific ocean that it was “most likely” a target by incoming asteroids. The same can be true of the Atlantic coast, but to a slightly less degree since it is not as large an area. In fact, since oceans cover around 75% of the earth’s surface it is most likely when an asteroid hits the earth – it will hit an ocean.

The other reason researchers warn people about a specific area being hit is because they often have inside sources that work in the secret agencies, or work in the astronomy field. In one such case when I was early in my publishing in he mid 90’s, I was told my an ex-government officials that the US was sending a rocket/probe to planet Jupiter. On board the craft was a large amount of plutonium that was sent as an experiment to see if they could “ignite” the gas giant and create a second sun. At the same time period, there was an incoming asteroid that was going to hit Jupiter.

I did the research and verified the story as accurate, and even had in my article how many pounds of plutonium they had sent to the planet. But the public was not told what the experiment was for, or the connection to the incoming asteroid.

As it turned out they both crashed into Jupiter at the same time, and the asteroid made three huge scars on the surface, each of them larger than the earth. But nothing was said again about what the plutonium did to the planet.Obviously the experiment failed, and was not sufficient in size to ignite the planet and start the fusion reaction to create a sun/star.

(there was a movie made about this kind of action called: 2010: The Year We Make Contact. But the book was titled: 2010: Odyssey Two. And in that book they speak of the explosion: “causing nuclear fusion that transforms the planet into a small star.”

The name of that new star in our solar system was “Lucifer”. That was revealed in the book, but not in the movie. Now you know the rest of the story.)

If the experiment succeeded it would have sent out a huge electro-magnetic pulse that would have hit earth a few minutes later and would have been powerful enough to kill billions of people instantly on that side of the earth facing the EMP wave. This is an example of how the government often makes plans for huge events, and puts human lives in danger – and doesn’t bother to warn them about it. That is also why when I hear inside stories about disasters I pay attention to make sure I can prepare and warn others.

At this time I know of no asteroids headed towards earth that could do major damage. There is a site where people can go and see the list of near earth objects that will fly by or may get fairly close to earth. They list the apx. size of he object, the time period it will arrive or fly by, and they also give the distance it will fly by the earth in either Lunar units LU, or astronomical units AU, which is the distance between the earth and the sun, 93 million miles.

But since these are only mathematical guesses, and does not take into account random gravitational influences or random hits by other objects, no one truly knows the exact distance the object will be from the earth.

Some of them fly in a constant somewhat circular path around the earth, which can last months, years or millenniums. And each ‘fly by’ it may be influenced by the earth’s gravity and end up getting closer each time, until it does hit the earth.

Another issue that needs to be brought up is the fact that since the government has now sent space ships to asteroids and comets, and even landed on them. And taken samples for a return trip to earth – it is possible that nefarious groups controlling the US government might place a powerful rocket on an asteroid and direct it towards earth on purpose to create a depopulation event.

Once it hits and causes massive damage, who would be the wiser? Any object that is flying 50,000 miles an hour and then hits the earth would do a tremendous amount of damage. And there would be no radioactive fallout afterwards.

This researcher that made the video here, said the object that was supposed to hit the Pacific ocean was about 1/4 of a mile wide and was traveling with several other objects. The size could create a large tsunami, but it is the possibility of it hitting the earthquake zone beneath the surface that could cause widespread earthquakes along the west coast inland area.

However at this time it is all speculation. And until we have solid evidence of an asteroid hit, I don’t believe it is anything to be concerned about at this time.

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