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Boris Johnson Mandates Vaccine Passports! And A Bunch More Eye-Opening Videos You Must See

In today’s video-focusing article, I decided to share some eye-opening videos with the focus kept on Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, as well as the leader of the Conservative Party in England.

  1. The first video of the day – “Desperate people do desperate things”, discussing Reiner Fuellmich, George Wentz, and Leslie Manookian.

2. Britain mandates vaccine passports – negative COVID tests would no longer be enough! And there is a huge uprising against this madness, that forbids people from doing their everyday habits, unless they are fully vaccinated, in France, UK, Greece, and Toronto.

3. All people over 18 should be vaccinated somewhere at the end of September, according to the math done by this blind prick!

Guys, this guy is either blind – or he is pure evil!

Anyways, since all of these videos mention predictions that were foretold, and have actually come true, I must continue sharing these videos that contain information about predictions that also came true regarding the COVID madness.

4. Dr. David Martin ends the COVID madness, the Department of Justice and Fauci are silenced in just a single interview!

5. Billionaire Warren Buffet predicts a new pandemic different from the COVID virus – and worse than it!

6. The most chilling one, by me, is definitely this video, that predicted the most terrible thing that happened just 2 days ago!

My logical question here is – whether we should switch our sources of information? I surely don’ trust the newspapers anymore, since, all these “conspiracy theories” have been proven true in just a matter of a short time.

What about you? What do you consider a more reliable news source?

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