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The mass murderer’s now want the vaxxed to begin to mix unrestricted with the unvaxxed. This is perhaps why they made the move to pull the full vaccination operation at this time/ as well as alt media exposure. We think it is. See the Dr Lee Merritt video to understand better what is going on via her discussion of the mice vaccine template we believe they have certainly adopted.

Heed this warning friends! They want unrestricted ‘close contact’ between the two groups now (having reached a satisfactory inoculation level within the wider population to achieve pass on sterilization targets) to at least get a subsidiary infection within the hard to reach ‘unvaxxed’ population, the suspicious, the critical thinker, the smart ones. Those who are to them… the dangerous, because it is they/you/us who are more than their match, and they know it!

The spike protein secondary infection as far as we can tell does not pass through air (like the fake virus illusion), but rather ‘through touch’, shared utensils etc. etc… However, remember also that the vaxxed also carry the radioactive oxide (graphene, alluminium, cadmium etc..) nano particle which have a relay effect from electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere (as well as ‘eliciting protein shedding’ 

which is rising all the time. This also has a secondary effect which can cause magnetism and mimic flu symptoms. Right? You get it? May much love, strength and power go with you dear friends and pure-bloods. 

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