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BOMBSHELL Clif High – The Woo & You!! Journeys In Hyperspace!! – RedPill 78

Fascinating man. great interview too. cant wait for next one together!

I did exactly what Cliff suggested in regards to the China virus and I was the only one out of 23 people where I work that didn’t get the wiggle!

Covid has not been proven to exist. If it does not exist, how on earth can you have it? also, how can a vaccine be produced without a Covid sample? You are discussing a completely fictional disease and keeping a straight face while you fantasise! It is utterly ridiculous, I thought that you was an intelligent person but clearly not. A pathogenic aerosol was deployed at certain locations with large crowds in attendance. These pathogens, once inside of the body, caused the body to begin producing Exosomes to detox the body. The amount of Exosomes produced by the body were at a very large number because the inhaled pathogenic aerosol was a very toxic concentrate. The spontaneous viral load greatly weakens the body and this is why many people died, their body was low in energy, suffered from pre existing conditions or had a compromised immune system. The false flag Covid sickness is designed to encourage people to take the vaccine and this jab contains other technologies alongside spike proteins. These spike proteins attach to any new Exosomes that are produced when the person comes into contact with more aerosols or influenza for example. The spiked Exosomes now stick and grip organs instead of flowing out of the body in mucus. Viral load reaches extreme levels and the person is poisoned to death. This information is easy to research and easy to learn but you idiots can not be bothered, you just keep acting in your pretend reality. It is a mistake to spread disinformation, it exposes your real agenda.


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