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Big Pharma Exec Admits COVID Jabs Are Designed To ‘Kill White People’

The dirty bastards, how will you receive this information? 

It’s intentional….

Have you wondered why some people seem perfectly fine after the COVID shot, whereas others are dropping dead or suffering debilitating injuries?

Well, evidence has emerged that not everyone who rolled their sleeve up for a Covid jab had the same thing pumped into their arm.

Young and healthy athletes in the prime of their careers are still dropping like flies, with LeBron James’ full vaccinated son Bronny suffering a heart attack at the ripe old age of 18, teenage World Cup soccer star Linda Caicedo collapsing in training, clutching her heart, and pro-vax Premier League legend Shaka Hislop suddenly collapsing live on air.

Every day the list of young and healthy athletes having heart attacks and strokes continues to grow. Despite what the mainstream media is determined to convince you, this is not normal. So what is going on?

The globalist elite are no longer hiding their plans to depopulate the world. This is a multi-pronged attack and we are now seeing what it looks like in real time.

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