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Biden Pounds War Drum While Panicked Democrats Looking At 2022 Warn “We’re F*cked!”

An interesting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Security Council Members authorizing expenditures for the building of two high-tech secretive “Doomsday Planes” with boosted range and improved capabilities as replacements for the Aerospace Forces current fleet of four Il-80 nuclear war air command posts, says this information has been conveyed to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who has just begun strategic stability talks in Geneva-Switzerland this morning with his counterpart United States Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

This report notes these strategic stability talks have begun under an ominous cloud due to a crude Naxi Swastika discovered to have been carved on the wall in one of the US State Department’s most secure elevators—sees this Nazi Swastika appearing at the same time a viral video is spreading showing radical socialist Democrat Party leader US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez exactly mimicking the hand gestures of Nazi German leader Adolph Hitler—then saw Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden pounding his war drum to declare: “If we end up in a war, a real shooting war, with a major power, it’s going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach”—and as to whom this “major power” is Biden intends on engaging in “a real shooting war”, he next insanely declared: “Look what Russia is doing already about the 2022 elections and misinformation…It’s a pure violation of our sovereignty”.

This report next notes that the United States midterm elections are set to take place in 16-months time on 8 November 2022, with participants contesting for all 435-seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100-seats in the Senate, along with numerous state and local elections also taking place—in the Senate today sees it being equally divided 50-50 between Republicans and socialist Democrats—after Republican Party candidate Jake Ellzey won a special election for the House yesterday in Texas, this filled vacancy means House Republicans are now just six seats away from a majority—and in the 50-States that comprise America, the breakdown of their House and Senate legislatures sees Republicans holding a majority in 61 chambers, and Democrats holding the majority in 37 chambers.

Throughout American history, this report details, the midterm election that follows a presidential election always sees the party occupying the White House losing seats in the HouseSenate and local State races—one of the worst of which in modern times came in the midterm election 1994, after socialist Democrat Party leader Bill Clinton won the White House in 1992, that saw Republicans winning 8-seats in the Senate, and 54-seats in the House to take control of this chamber—but one of the worst debacles for socialist Democrats came in the 2010 midterm elections, after socialist leader Obama won the White House in 2008, that saw Republicans winning 9-seats in the Senate to take control of this chamber, and them winning 63-seats in the House to take control of it, too.

One of the most important facts about these midterm elections, this report continues, is that under socialist leader Obama the socialist Democrats suffered their biggest election losses since the 1950’s, and it saw them losing a staggering over 900-seats in State legislatures—and even though the socialist Democrats crushed Republicans in fundraising during the 2020 election, these socialist Democrats suffered crushing down-ballot loses all across America—but whose yet to be explained oddity of the 2020 election remains how socialist leader Biden got 81-million after winning only 509 counties, compared to the 2,500 counties won by President Trump, and the 873 won by Obama in 2008.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that socialist leader Biden provided no proof of Russia is interfering in the 2022 midterm election, and question why anyone would make such an absurd claim—specifically because since Biden seized power 6-months ago, his insane energy polices today it sees Russia having become the second largest oil producer in the world, and by acknowledging that America can’t stop the Russian pipeline to GermanyBiden’s Nord Stream 2 deal seals the end of the Washington-centric world order, with experts truthfully noting: “The new agreement between the US and Germany was supposed to show the West was united behind American leadership across the globe…Instead, the deal lays bare the emerging fault lines in a rapidly changing multi-polar world”.

What is really causing socialist leader Biden to make these insane war threats, however, this report states, are the Free Republican States that are enacting new laws to secure the 2022 midterm election against fraud—laws against election fraud so terrifying to socialist Democrats, this week it saw them lashing out in total panic declaring: “If there isn’t a way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re fucked”.

With absolutely no one of sound mind in America, other than socialist Democrats, wanting a “repeat” of the 2020 election that continues to tear this nation apart, this transcript sees Security Council Members all agreeing that the best way forward to instill confidence in the 2022 midterm elections would be to conduct a full and transparent forensic audit of the 2020 election—would be forensic audits the socialist Democrats could use to convince everyone that the 2020 was free of corruption—would explain whyLook Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard has just announced they’ve discovered at least 157,299 illegal ballots cast in the Wisconsin presidential election—and would explain why the Arizona Senate keeps having to issue subpoenas to socialist Democrat Party election officials for 2020 election information that belongs the citizens of this Free State.

Instead of Biden and his socialist Democrats agreeing to conduct a forensic audit of the 2020 election to convince Americans it was free of corruption, this transcript sees Security Council Members recoiling in shock because after this “we’re fucked” warning was sounded about the 2022 midterm election if socialist Democrats can’t “repeat” the 2020 election, it saw leftist tech giant Twitter immediately suspending 2020 election audit accounts in multiple States to keep what they’re discovering hidden—quickly after which leftist payment processing giant PayPal announced it was teaming up with a radical racist socialist organization to begin cutting off payments to all websites opposing the Biden regime.

Also instead of conduction an open forensic audit of the 2020 election, this report notes, yesterday it saw Biden’s socialist Democrats starting their “Soviet-Style Show Trial” supposedly examining the events that occurred on 6 January at the US Capitol—a socialist show trial that started with Democrats declaring that “Republicans side with the terrorists”—though in reality sees these “terrorists” being two-thirds of the American people, which is the number of them that say Congress should open an official investigation into the violent protests which blazed a trail of arson and looting through major and mid-sized cities nationwide in 2020, and care little about what happened on 6 January,

This report concludes by noting that America, a nation which once championed free speech, today has evolved into one of the world’s most authoritarian mass-censors—which explains why a beyond stunning just released poll shows Americans optimism has plunged a shocking 20% since Biden seized power—further explains why another just released poll shows the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose the socialist Democrat Party plan to federalize elections before the 2022 midterms—and more than explains why President Donald Trump still sees tens-of-thousands of Americans gathering at his rallies to hear him speak, and millions more view his videos.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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