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August 11th Emergency Test, Society Unraveling & Steps to Genocide! – The Prepared Homestead Must Video

I saw the Mark Dice video and it was brilliant. But I guess I wasn’t really surprised to see people actually signing his petition to ostracize and “do away with” anyone who is unjabbed. But this is what the left does best – pitting one side against the other. Since the Civil War our Nation has never been so divided.

Mike Pompeo said that a collapse is probably inevitable. I don’t know why that was shocking to me but I guess there’s no covering it up at this point.

VERY hazy sky here in Oregon, too, but I attribute it to wildfires. There are definitely weather modifications going on all over the world.

Whatever is upon us. Let it come. We may as well face it now so our sons and daughters, our grandchildren; can have a better world free of oppression, debt enslavement, medical tyranny, and abusive overlords.

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