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Arrests Are Imminent! Trump Returns! We We’re Right via the Prophecy Club with Pastor Stan

Today we are going to be talking about Alien Demons and the coming war with them. Pastor Stan will also be sharing the latest prophecy from Sundar Selvaraj explaining why Christians are held responsible of DJT’s presidency.

Pastor Stan shares brand new information about the Massive Arrests that already started to take place in 2017.

There is nothing else like The Prophecy Club among modern day ministries! We exist to proclaim the end time prophetic warning:

To warn America that judgment is set, and has now begun.

To warn the world that we are in the last days spoken of in the Bible.

Our driving passion is to warn people to repent, stop sinning and turn to Jesus Christ with all of their heart. Like prophets of old, we bring a straightforward powerful message from the Lord to a sinful and rebellious generation. We provide information on current events and trends, and how they relate to Bible prophecy now and in the future. We also explain how to build your own prayer closet relationship with God now to obtain God’s provision and protection in the dark days ahead.

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