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Arrest Wars of the Deep State Military Coups

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Arrest wars of the DS military coups worldwide will happen in many Countries, DS vs EA will launch military arrests and wars and both sides will accuse each other of treason. But you can tell who is telling the truth when you see msm pick a side and attack the person, group or regime.

On May 9 former Pakistan PM Imran Khan was arrested by Paramilitary police. Khan accused the CIA of a military coup in his Country and promised to expose the internal corruption of his DS army and gov’t working with the CIA.

Sources reveal that he had all the Intel (knew where the dead videos were buried) on CIA heroin drug ops, US military arms sales to Pakistan to China. It has been known for a long time that the sex trafficking of male children through Pakistan / Afghanistan has been happening for decades with the military, police, gov’t officials and elites.

They even made a movie about this known as the dancing children of Afghanistan. Violent clashes have erupted in Pakistan between security forces and supporters of former PM Imran Khan after he was arrested. Protests are erupting across the Country and at least 1 person has been killed in Quetta city.

These events, arrest wars will affect several Countries by 2024, as US is expected to be close to the civil war event the DS is planning and US generals they’ve been talking to for 2 years. Several countries in the last year just across Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, in Kazakhstan, Myanmar coup d’état. They have happened and they continue to grow.

A massive Storm is brewing as CIA-corrupted Countries are planning to take down the CIA as more exposure of the virus and vax deaths hit individual Countries EA Military is leaking from Gain of Function reports in all Countries and then the corruption is linked to the world bank finance and exposure of their gov’ts and the corps within a CIA ring are being exposed silently and loudly.

A world revolution is happening and the EA Military is behind the scenes in the Storm and Great Awakening. Have Faith Patriots as we travel through the toughest part of the Storm and dark tunnel. At the end of it there is Light. The best is yet to come!

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How Bill Gates and Epstein treated their fiancées with JP Morgan banks, Warren Buffett and other ‘philanthropists’ dark money, DNC funding the woke agenda transhumanism and transgender warfare agenda progressive causes, incl. release of pedophiles and criminals to the streets, funding sex education for little children. All this dark money is connected to the Sampriti Ganguli org and former CEO of Arabella advisors for philanthropy.

This org is responsible for laundering all the money into untraceable accounts that finance the dark money ring, of DS Sampriti Ganguli connections working for world banks and JP Morgan after becoming CEO of Arabella advisors and channeling money for Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other dark money web elites are being exposed.

Between the scenes Jeffrey Epstein helped Bill Gates finance the UN. Now you know why Larry Page, co-founder of Google, is fleeing the law and failed to file his subpoena in the Epstein trial of the Virgin Islands.

A lot of EA Patriots are painting a picture for the world of how the DS cabal controls world agendas from pedophilia networks to money laundering to the Plandemic virus creation. The DS US army is also involved with Sampriti Ganguli and driving CIA money through philanthropy orgs, calling grants. If woke is a disease, then philanthropy is the virus. Peter Flaherty (arrested moments after making this comment in front of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates). Let’s hope Peter Flaherty doesn’t commit suicide like Epstein.”

Donald Trump Jr. on May 9 said,

“Carlson was told by a member of the Fox Board that he was taken off the air as part of the Dominion settlement. It it’s true that Dominion forced Fox News to fire Tucker, every red state legislator in America should move to ban it from administering their elections. Nor corp that makes such partisan ideological demands can be trusted to run impartial ballot counting.”

Gabriel Popoviciu was a Romanian real estate tycoon who earned hundreds of millions of dollars in Romania. He was found guilty of bribery and sentenced to 7 years in prison, and sought to have that sentence overturned. In that effort, he recruited Hunter Biden and several of his business partners to see what they could do on that front, and millions of dollars were involved and exchanged hands with Hunter and his cronies for that effort.

Hunter did all possible because what’s really new here is that if you look at the calendar on at least 3 different occasions when Hunter was doing business on behalf of this Romanian, immediately after meeting with his father, you can see all of this on the calendar.

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You have situations where he is in Romania meeting with the US ambassador in Romania to talk about the case, and he returns from Romania, and 2 days later on the calendar, he had breakfast with dad at the Naval Observatory.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh was also part of this effort to overturn the conviction against Popoviciu. There really is no reason Hunter and Louis Freeh would have a call at the time other than Popoviciu. As you can see in that email, it confirms what you can see on the calendar that there was a meeting with Joe Biden that day just 2 hours later.

House Oversight Committee will present bank records May 10 indicating then VP Joe Biden received a $1M bribe from Romanian real estate tycoon Gabriel Popoviciu.

Big corruption exposed at MS Hospital Association connected to big donations to Dems and pushing the fake cv/vax agenda on the public as Forrest General is 5th hospital to leave MS Hospital Assoc. on May 9.

Elites have been manufacturing fake ‘hate incidents” as a pretext for mass spying, blacklists and censorship worldwide.

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