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And We Know: A Week To Remember! Tucker Destroys RINO’s, Roseanne On Fire! Pray! – Must Video

And We Know: A Week To Remember! Tucker Destroys RINO’s, Roseanne On Fire! Pray!

I live on a great place called Earth and it’s amazing there are only two genders a man and a woman. All the rest are psychiatric patients! What planet are you from?

For all those who keep saying “Trump 2024″, have we all forgotten about the stolen election in 2020? IF the 2024 election rolls around and if it’s ‘business as usual’ then that alone shows the entire American public and the WORLD that stealing an election in the United States is OKAY, and that the criminals who are responsible for it are going to get away with it. So is that the message that Trump is trying to send to the world? That it’s okay to interfere in a United States election? And you’re going to be allowed to serve out your FULL 4-year term with no consequences if you do still in the election?! Is that really the move that Donald Trump is making right now? I can’t imagine so, because then that would mean that he was derelict in his duty as president to protect the United States by handed over the country to a proven traitor and then did NOTHING about it. People might say, well, he has no power now to do that, but I say, he was the most powerful man on the planet when the election originally got stolen… He was sitting president of the United States. If he’s claiming he’s going to “stop election fraud this next time” when he’s not president and has no executive power, then why didn’t he do anything when he was president to stop it? It’s because we are on a grander plant. Something is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about yet. Trump will be the hero of this story. But for all those saying “Trump 2024″, stop it. All your doing is encouraging election fraud!!

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