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Analysis: Nancy Pelosi Is Working With China To Create Smoke Screen For Attack Against America! – Mike Adams Must Video

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They are already here… they are loading invasion force now…. they know that to take Taiwan, they must first take U.S. Biden (Obama) are their agents, or Trogan horse… It’s “The Art of War”…. Also, the Dollar has run its course, and means nothing to them… we owe them TRILLIONS in interest alone, and they are about to foreclose on our debt to them, by seizing our land, and water. Russia will attack from the north, after they nuke our navy, and destroy sattelites… JR Nyquist is absolutely correct.. our arrogance is our weakness… and they know it.

COSO already owns the Former long beach CA naval station as a container ship port along with Wilmington CA ship yards and container ports they already have all the assets in country they own the Dock workers Unions they have container launch missile sys already placed in country San Diego will be A main target

They cannot afford to attack America. Makes more sense Pelosi’s visit is justification to invade and take back over Taiwan, since Taiwan is to China like Ukraine is to Russia and Russia is not getting much pushback.

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