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Amazing Polly: I’m So Over Coronavirus! – Must Video

Did they ever isolate the virus? The PCR tests are useless. Fauci is a stupid tool and so are the people who listen to him. Some ‘experts’ are maniacs. Black fungus on the test swabs. ANARCHY. EUGENICS.

I have a strong feeling that the jab is a setup for a eugenics program using the jab to help kill off a large chunk of the earths population under the guise of a “new” pandemic that is going to appear in the next year or so that will trigger the jab’s over reactions.

Just get ready for the worst, it is a fraid train coming our way, the better prepared for the end of the year the better. This is war! real genocide and they won’t stop at this point, resist the pressure get out of their way as much as possible and defend yourselves.

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