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6 Minutes Ago: Donald Trump Revealed Disturbing News

The Looming Threat of World War III: Trump starkly warned of the world teetering on the brink of what he terms not as World War III, but “the end of the world.” He squarely places the blame on the leadership of current President Joe Biden for this precarious global situation.

Tensions with North Korea: Highlighting the nuclear ambitions of North Korea, Trump expressed concerns over the nation’s missile programs. He reminisced about his personal rapport with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during his tenure, asserting that their mutual understanding would have led to a resolution if he had secured a second term.

Trade Dynamics and Foreign Policy: The former President touched upon his trade strategies, especially concerning China. He proudly cited the billions he claims to have garnered from China, a portion of which was used to support American farmers. Trump also brought up the USMCA trade agreement, which he views as a replacement to the “one-sided” NAFTA.

The Iran Conundrum: Trump didn’t hold back on his criticism of the current administration’s handling of Iran. He touted his decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal as a protective measure for Israel and lambasted the present leadership for purportedly enabling Iran’s nuclear pursuits.

The Ukraine Crisis: Condemning the recent invasion of Ukraine, Trump was emphatic that such an event would not have transpired under his watch. He used this as a platform to critique the globalist establishment and their foreign policy decisions over the years.

Military Decisions and Defense: Trump concluded by addressing the influence of defense contractors and lobbyists on U.S. military strategies. He credited the respect the U.S. commanded during his administration to the rebuilding of the military and the absence of new conflicts.

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