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140 Hospitalized People Out Of 141 Cases In Sydney Had Both COVID Jabs, Other Had 1 Dose (Must Video)

Last week authorities announced the new lockdowns.

Over the weekend NSW News reported some astounding numbers that will have you questioning everything the ‘experts’ have been saying about all of this.

“There are a number of people in hospital. 141 people are in hospital with COVID at present and 43 are in intensive care. 18 of whom require ventilation so this is a very serious disease. Of those 141, 60 are under the age of 55 and 28 under the age of 35. And of the 43 people in intensive care, 1 in is in their teens, 7 are in their 20’s, 3 are in their 30’s, 14 are in their 50’s and 12 are in their 60’s and 6 are in their 70’s. So this is effecting people of all ages with very serious disease. All but 1 are vaccinated. 1 has just recently received 1 dose of vaccine.”

How is it that ALL of their hospitalizations have had the vaccine and NONE of them have not had the vaccine?

The response online leads us to believe that the people aren’t falling for it anymore…

“sounds to me like they should have used hydroxichloriquine.”

“The jab is giving covid!!! Wake tf up!”

“Booster shots until you die, it’s a grift to coerce you to pay for BigPharma via taxes!”

“Didn’t Alex Jones predict “booster shots” last year?”

“At least he’s telling the truth. In the U.S., we have a lemur Attorney General lying saying 99.5 % are the un vaccinated”

“Are there really covid cases. More likely adverse vaccine reactions.”

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