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You’ve Been Lied To About The Covid-19(84) Global “Pandemic” & The Truth Is Now Coming Out! – Must Video 

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

A compilation of video clips all to do with the Jab and more …
A couple of short Clips of EMJ talking about Aids, Virus origin, Fauci, Biological warfare,
U.S. Biological warfare establishment had connections to the lab. The U.S. had outsourced Bioweapons (“Gain of Function”) research to Wuhan. We are talking about a weapon and it was more likely engineered to hurt but not to kill – best to disable.
Biological warfare has flaws (problems) – you can create a great weapon but you cannot manage and control it once you release it. If you need a delivery system for the entire world – Jabs perhaps was the best option. Why were the governments so complicit?

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