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Yelawolf reveals what Eminem told him when he asked if he could keep MGK on “Trunk Muzik 3”

Yelawolf has recently sat down with Bootleg Kev on his podcast to promote his upcoming album, titled “War Story.” The former Shady Records artist talked about many things, including Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly and revealed he wanted both Slim Shady and MGK on “Rowdy” song but then the famous beef escalated and asked Eminem if he could keep Kelly’s verse on “Trunk Muzik 3” album, which is Yela’s final album under Shady Records.



“When we were making ‘Rowdy’ song, DJ Paul goes like ‘go get MGK and Eminem and we got the craziest record of all time. Y’all three white boys, get out of here, it’s gonna be crazy!’ and I was like ‘that’s not a bad idea, actually.’ So I recorded it, f–king sent it to Marshall and you know s–t, next thing you know Marshall f–king went crazy on MGK. And I had to pivot and do my thing.” said Yelawolf.


Then he continued: “Respectfully, I actually did tap in. I ain’t f–king fool. To be honest, it was like, if you say no and you say go to war then its curtains. Respectfully, on some hip-hop s–t, tap in with the Sensei. So I did and Marshall was like ‘nah man, people want to hear that.’ I’ve always had a lot of respect for Marshall obviously. I’ve looked up to him for years but that moment was kinda like ‘damn man, you really give a f–k about me. You really care that much to put that s–t aside and let me live.’ Knowing that I had invested this before I knew this happened. I was like, you are a G man! I got nothing bad to say about Shady the whole time I was there. We bumped our heads on the first album, creatively, but…”

Machine Gun Kelly and Yelawolf have been friends for a while now. MGK even namedropped Yela on Eminem-diss record “Rap Devil” with the following lines: “And don’t be a sucker and take my verse / Off of Yelawolf’s album, thank you (thank you).” Here, Kells is implying that Eminem would block his feature on Yela’s album, the same way he banned him from Shade 45 radio. Nonetheless, the collaborative track “Rowdy” was released by Yelawolf on March 29th, 2019 and still includes Machine Gun Kelly’s previously mentioned verse.


You can watch the new interview below:


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