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‘Yeezus clears Eminem’s whole discography’: Kanye West Fans Call Eminem’s $250M Career ‘Fake’

The two exceptionally well-accomplished artists of this generation, Eminem and Kanye West are the personalities people have been worshipping since the beginning of their careers. The two had significant influence over huge masses and were responsible for huge cultural shifts all over the world. Kanye West now known as Ye has a more exploratory style and does not hesitate to shake things up by incorporating sounds from different genres. On the other hand, Eminem is famous for his aggressive flow and lyricism.

Therefore, when it comes to music there is no possible way to find out which rapper is the best. But since the internet exists, the life-long debate will continue. Thus, Ye fans are now proving the previous statement true by attacking Eminem’s discography.


Why are Kanye West fans attacking Eminem?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as, Eminem is a global phenomenon, whose contribution to the industry is impossible to describe in words. From hits like Lose Yourself to The Real Slim Shady, the artist thrives in versatility. His art provided a voice to millions across the globe while touching on various sensitive issues.

Therefore, comparing that influence with another rapper is borderline insulting. On the other hand, although Kanye West‘s reputation is now tainted because of his controversial anti-Semitic remarks, there is no denying the fact of the impact he has had on the youth and culture throughout the years. The personality inspired the masses with his fashion and music.

Kanye West

Thus one Kanye West fan took to Twitter to claim,

“Kanye West is better than Eminem”

Staring a never-ending fight between the clans. The fans claim so because of the lack of songs from the rapper’s side in comparison to Ye, who has been pumping out songs left and right in recent years. Here are some of the tweets from the Ye clan,


what has Eminem released of quality in the last decade besides a few good songs 💀💀

According to Twitter users, the recent music of the Godzilla rapper has become repetitive and formulaic. Although, the fans chant “I miss the old Kanye”, they claim it isn’t for the same reason. People claim Ye’s recent string of songs and projects over the years have been legendary in comparison to Eminem. Thus, some chimed in to defend their favorite rapper,


But as it is already known, music is subjective. So, ultimately, whether or not Eminem’s song quality is lacking in recent years is a matter of personal opinion. Some fans may feel that his recent music is not as strong as his earlier work, while others may still enjoy his newer material.


Kanye West vs Eminem feud

Very recently during Pete Davidson’s exit from SNL, Eminem allegedly angered Ye by being featured on a skit with Davidson. Well not physically but the rapper lent his voice to the song Forgot About Lorne. This took place during West’s wild rampage over his social media pages. Thus every person on the planet thought it was only a matter of time before the Donda rapper decides to take a hit on the Detroit rapper. One person left a comment under the posts saying,

“Kanye West disses Eminem tomorrow,”

Kanye West

While the other said,

“Kanye West is not going to be happy,”

Eminem also expressed his desire to diss his fellow rapper during a very dark time but ended up not following through with his plans. He said in a radio interview with US radio station Power 106,

“There were times that it didn’t feel good to be me,—I think deep down I just wasn’t happy with myself, man, you know? There were some really dark moments in there, when I think about my thought processes when I was high a lot. It wasn’t good, and it certainly wasn’t me. I’m not even that sort of person.”


He further stated,

“It wasn’t just singling Kanye and Wayne out at that time…they were the ones who were killing it the most to me,”

In conclusion, Kanye West and Eminem are both highly successful and influential artists in their own right, with distinct musical styles and career trajectories. While they may not appeal to the same audiences, they have both made significant contributions to the world of music and have left an indelible mark on the industry.

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