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Updated With New Messages: Collection Of Mind Blowing Messages From Our Real 19th Vice President John F Kennedy Jr. – Enjoy the Show!

Get ready to have your mind blown. These messages from the real 19th Vice President John F Kennedy Jr. for the restored republic are absolutely wild.

I have found most of the “A Message From The Vice President – John F. Kennedy Jr.” bulletins. These nuggets of information are mind blowing. The bulletins are incomplete based on the number sequences but we have plenty to work from. I will continue to hunt for the missing bulletins and update as I find them.

You could take any one of these messages and research it, decode it, post it on social media, start a blog or video channel. The point is we need to get the conversation started all while learning for ourselves at the same time. I’m not an expert on all of the subjects in these messages and have plenty more work to do. That’s the fun part right?

Warning the following messages are graphic and truthful. The farther you go down the rabbit hold the crazier it seems. The ending won’t be for everyone. Enjoy the show!

Scroll down to see more new messages from John F Kennedy Jr.


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