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They’re Telling Us What Comes Next… and It’s Far WORSE Than Covid

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

The World Economic Forum is warning of a new crisis that’s “even more significant economic and social implications than COVID19.”

What threat could possibly be more significant?

Joining me today to discuss the greatest threat to our safety in America is Jonathan Hollerman, the Deputy director of the US task force on national and homeland security.

The most dangerous animal is man, and those who have failed to prepare are certainly going to be coming after those who are ready for survival.

They’re Telling Us What Comes Next… and It’s Far WORSE Than Covid

When pandemics sweep through societies, they upend critical structures, such as health systems and medical treatments, economic life, socioeconomic class structures and race relations, fundamental institutional arrangements, communities and everyday family life.

A natural EMP or successful attack on the American Power Grid is something that teams around the country dedicate their careers and lives to working to prevent. Knowing the devastation of what a widespread power outage could cause, it is a high priority to keep the country safe from such a devastating event. 

If the U.S. Power Grid went down, we would feel the effects on the economy, the healthcare system, the structures of modern life, as well as in our own homes.

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