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The World Is Watching The Huge Difference Between Real & Fake Leadership! Pray! – AWK (Must Video)

Leaving American civilians behind HAS happened when George H, Bush was in office. I and my 2 young children were one of the many during the Gulf War. As missiles were going overhead to strike oil tanks, we hunkered down in our duct taped closet. All other Nations sent planes in to rescue THEIR citizens, yet it took 3 weeks to start to get us out, waiting for our numbers to be called and bused to the airport. Bush WAS a HUGE part of the CABAL!

Lt…So what if people get upset that you get upset. We should all be upset about what we are experiencing. If people are offended by your “upset-ness” then they don’t want to witness mine!

Covid Camps? They better be heavily armed cause we patriots will come to free them. AND THAT IS NO SH*T!!!

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