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“THE VIRUS IS IN THE VACCINE” – Karen Kingston Reports 

Karen Kingston tells us how a bio-chemical weapon has been engineered to impersonate a so-called “virus”.

Kingston explains how “the virus is in the vaccine”.

Since students of the “Terrain” reject virus, or Germ theory, Kingston’s explanation resonates.

Kingston uses the word “virus” but her explanation more accurately describes an mRNA bio-agent of “genetic manipulation”.

She also claims the so-called ‘bat virus” cannot replicate. So, in order to simulate or “impersonate” a transmissible infectious disease, the weaponized bio-agent of genetic manipulation (a bio-toxin) requires either mechanical aerosolization, transfection or insertion into a vial of mRNA “vaccine”.

Kingston’s description is therefore, consistent with the Terrain and demonstrates how the debunked Germ theory continues to fail in it’s propagandized role as an agent of transmissible infection.

Full interview

Karen Kingston Page – Doug Billings

Karen Kingston Docs – Doug Billings

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