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The Unvaccinated Will Inherit The Earth With “Super Powers” Compared To The Vax-Damaged! – Must Video

Mike: It’s not experimental. The tests have been done. It is a bio weapon. The animals that were administered the ‘vakseen’ died, now it is the human’s turn.

…the word you were looking for was…limbic ..what i reduce my higher function to, after drinking to much, then fall down…a lot of things that I noticed in this video and much I am not in agreement with… to each his own…. you said v’clearly been vaccinated’, did the girl get the jab, I know she said much on masks… if one is to assume this is from a jab is , ludicrous. In my opinion… I have seen the same actions, all through my past and the last several years , one can see much more, ‘off their rocker’, stuff easily & all over… I have many freinds that follow you, love you for what you are doing, I watch mostly u’r health topics 4 research..
…. I think an exercise 4 all, might be going back, building a timeline backwards. In this way one can get a more clear view of the future…. so much out there, that has been proofed out, well, to think that one can even see this happening, is an arrogance in thinking that one has figured it out with out some help, you may be right… oh-yeh, interesting tattoos that she has…

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