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The Unstoppable Duo: The Duel Music Between Taylor Swift And Eminem That Everyone Wants To See In Las Vegas

Swift’s support for the Chiefs and Eminem’s backing of the Lions take center stage heading into Super Bowl LVIII.

Taylor Swift and Eminem: The clash that everyone wants to see in Las Vegas.LAPRESSE/Instagram, Eminem.


The names Taylor Swift and Eminem are dominating the covers of sports newspapers. The support they have given to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions, respectively, has a sector of the public, normally far from the sports field, waiting for both teams to secure their tickets to the Super Bowl.



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The sports press and social media haven’t missed a single move from Swift at NFL stadiums since her first visit to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, last September.


Since then, the singer has attended a total of 11 games, and it is expected that she will continue to be present as long as Kelce and the Chiefs keep advancing.

The Chiefs will face the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship, and although it is not yet known if the singer will be in the boxes at M&T Stadium, her fans certainly hope that she will be.

Eminem and the Lions

Eminem, a native of Detroit, Michigan, and a lifelong Lions fan, has not publicized his love for the gridiron as much as Swift, but the rapper has recently attracted the spotlight thanks to an active support campaign on his social media.


In a series of videos on Instagram, the real Slim Shady has shown enthusiastic support for the team, which will play only the second championship game in its history, this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

The rapper is not only cheering for the team and especially quarterback Matt Stafford, but he has offered head coach Dan Campbell to report as an active player for the game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

There has been no word that Campbell will accept Eminem’s offer, but there is no doubt that music and football fans would be more than happy to see him put on the pads.

The road to the Super Bowl

The magnetism of both singers has their fans eager for the Chiefs and the Lions to reach the Super Bowl. However, both face complicated obstacles since both will play as visitors against the best teams in their respective conferences.


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