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The Negotiation Period! The Direction We Go From Here! – Patriots News & Updates Must Video

Phil discusses details about his private phone call, and offers some very interesting speculation as to the direction in which we go from here.

Election fraud is the least of their transgressions. These people are guilty of the most heinous crimes one can imagine. If negotiations are happening, it must be execution vs life in prison. No one gets to just walk away in disgrace. No no no, Not on your ass!

I really really wish that people can get out of their own heads .. the best way to do this is simple. Even sketchy google could help… Search an image of Joe Biden from the 90′s and then look at the image we are seeing today. Look at each picture and draw an imaginary line from the outer corner of the eyes of each picture… To where the line meets the ear. If people cannot see those two people are NOT the same… No amount of facts layed before these people will help them leave the matrix.

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