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The Information Connects Spiritual Battle & Lies From The Enemy! What Side Is The Deep State On? Pray! – And We Know (Must Video)

Hannibal1, did you listen to the interpreter of what Putin just spoke? It’s ALL under control, Putin is eliminating the biolabs put there by USA and Putin Hates traffickers, and will not allow any Russian children to be adopted by ANYONE in USA, bc he and Trump have know ALL ALONG. He is cleaning up the MOBs and the deep state money laundering all coming down.

Anyone else seeing the proof – using old pictures and claiming we are at war? CNN screen shot – busted – same footage 7 years ago.. but in summer.. I don’t think it’s 87 in Boston today? Do you? on twitter so funny…

The Ukraine president giving his exact location in selfie videos lol the whole thing looks fake or set up to look real, trump said no wars and outing making it look like one while taking out deep stray and making Biden look bad, more red pilling🎥🛡🐸⚔️🥤🍿

My sister-in-law is from the Ukraine. The people aren’t being attacked by Putin. But we all know, every false flag has fatalities…. eventually…. See twin towers.

For sure now Biden is a puppet. If DS was in control, our US President would have already gone in with NATO for nuc war with Russia over Ukraine. What’s happening instead is we are sitting idle. No moves except some sanctions that in fact hurt the oligarchs who were financing globalism, uranium etc. So essentially the ‘special ops’ after 2020 election was to put puppet Biden in charge, controlled not by DS, but by White hats. And he’s sitting idle while Putin takes out their assets and cuts the head of the snake. No financing now for the swamp of DC. Remember Qpost about Ukraine…where Q said “Where is George Soros? Ukraine?”… so this is it. Stage is set for the DC swamp to be removed with all ties cut since Ukraine was their main grounds for all trafficking and laundering.

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