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The Depopulation Agenda Goes Much Deeper, and More Focused Than We Ever Imagined – The King Herod Syndrome

In recent years we have seen a nightmare form of warfare we couldn’t have imagined. Scientists working for many years in secret, found a way to inoculate people with a so-called virus that would seek out and destroy a particular genetic code. They called it “gene therapy”, but it was not to help the body resist a disease, it was designed to hunt down and weaken or destroy the host body.

It not only had trigger mechanisms to weaken the natural immune system, it could also prevent the immune system from fighting off diseases. In addition to that, they added a metallic, graphene “black goo” substance in the nanometer size, that could seek each other out and connect up to form a nano-computer circuit system that would receive outside instructions. Those instructions would come in the form of electrical signals or radio waves. It could become a tracking device, or a device to cause the sterility of the person. Or it could cause blood clots, organ failures, and a host of problems that eventually kills off the body.

This is what we have learned from numerous researchers that studied blood samples taken from those that were given the gene therapy shot. Along with the nano particles that form their own electrical circuits in the body, they also discovered parasite-like entities inside the blood that grew tentacles and had consciousness, mobility and reproductive abilities. In short, the parasite could lay eggs inside the body and then flood the host and do damage against the system from then on. All of this has been proven and shown in films and photos taken from microscopes, usually at the 400x magnification.

Oddly enough, not all the Covid 19 shots had these graphene nanites and parasites in them. They appeared randomly, as if they were only giving out the more dangerous, deadly shot to a certain percentage of people. Otherwise, it is thought that if they gave the same type of shot to everyone it would kill off too many at once, and alarm the public.

But the fact that a certain amount of people survived the shot, randomly, gives support and credence to the vaccination program. The masses in a perverse way, are then drawn to get the shot like playing Russian roulette, and want to think they will be one that survives, and those that get sick or die are the losers. This almost gives them a messiah complex, that makes them want to go on a crusade to promote the vaccine.

And, those that don’t get it, are simply ill informed, low life idiots that don’t know what is good for them.
And to make matters worse, if those same officials don’t believe in constitutional rights, they will take it a step further and conclude that those rebellious, uneducated ones that don’t take the shot, like I did, must have their children taken from them and all of them placed in camps to make sure they eventually take the shot, or remain imprisoned as a threat to society.

We don’t know the full ramifications and inner workings of those nanobots, parasites and the graphene poisoning that is in the blood after the shot. But it is way more than a depopulation agenda.

Some say it is to monitor the public on an individual basis. Others say it is to send signals to the nanobots and cause people to obey the government and become docile and compliant. Others say it is a killing device that can be used at any time – laying dormant for years until that person doesn’t do what the government says, and instantly the powers that be can eliminate that human being with a radio frequency death signal.

Or, it could be all of those things. Whatever it is – it is diabolical, sinister and the epitome of evil. It must be resisted by all means necessary. And those that took the shots must find ways to purge their body of the blood invaders so they can live a normal life.

We have been lied to and deceived on a global scale, greater than any time in history. The goal must be to ban all of the Covid 19 gene therapy shots and allow scientists to expose this evil to the world.

However, don’t think for a moment that these “evil genius” ideas came about in a vacuum. The concept of killing off an enemy, a generation, or a race has been prevalent throughout history. It happened during the days of Moses when the Israelites were in Egypt.

The Pharaoh was told by his wizards that a child would be born to rise up and destroy his kingdom. So he sent out an order to kill off all the male children to a certain age. The same thing happened again with King Herod in ancient Israel. He was told a child would be born to deliver the Israelites from bondage. So, he sent out the order to kill all the male children to a certain age. Jesus’ parents though fled the area and hid out for a time in another country. And the rest is history.

It would seem that the “King Herod Syndrome” is happening again today. To make sure that a generation is eliminated, the globalists decided to use the shotgun effect and kill off, sicken or prevent from being born, an entire generation, of a particular genetic code, that might otherwise rise up and stop their tyrannical power. And hiding this weapon inside a vaccine, on a microscopic level, was the perfect secret method to rid the world of their enemies and prevent a future resistance from happening.

The fact that this global vaccination program kills off millions of people of all races is irrelevant to them. That is nothing more than collateral damage of human beings that they call useless eaters that they say must be destroyed like a disease anyway. This is how they think.

But the real target is the race that has caused them the most problems in the past, and that will cause them problems in the present and the future. This is a genetic engineered virus and vaccine that is focused on killing off a generation they are afraid of. This is germ warfare on steroids.

They are inserting a nano computer inside human beings that is an “operating system” to control people on a massive scale. THIS IS THEIR OWN WORDS. The doctors and researchers actually called it an “operating system”.

If you want to know the truth, avail yourself of the many videos that show the parasites and the nano devices inside the blood. Hear the actual statements by the doctors that describe the miniature computer circuit systems inside the bloodstream from the government promoted shot.

Evil has not gone out of style, it has simply become more devious, clever and scientifically advanced. If we don’t wake up and resist, they will control us like so much cattle, and do high fives while they do it. This is mass genocide. They have declared war on us. And, if we don’t fight back, they will kill us or lobotomize us like zombies and bio-robots that have lost all sense of reasoning – and the will to comprehend and exercise freedom.

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