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The Amazing Qanon Prophesy & Trump the Giant Killer – As Foretold by Kim Clement (Full Documentary)

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After You Watch The ‘The AMAZING Qanon Prophesy & Trump The Giant Killer – As Foretold By Kim Clement ‘, Watch ‘Mel Gibson & The Video That Broke The Internet! He Fearlessly Exposes The Dark & Evil Secrets Of Hollywood’s Entertainment Industry!’(Right Below This Video!)

Please, now, sit back and THOROUGHLY ENJOY this SPIRATUALLY UPLIFTING & PHENOMENALLY INTRIGUING film! This MIND BLOWING documentary covers the “Qanon” movement and prophecy of its coming – as well as the mystery surrounding it – and also speaks towards President Trump. aptly referenced herein as ‘Trump, the Lion Killer’. This documentary is quite a bit more AMAZING and DIFFERENT different than most “Q” documentaries, because it does NOT rely on ANY actual “Q” posts — nor had any “Q posts” even been examined or looked at DURING or BEFORE the making of this documentary. It is based on the FACT that Kim Clement made a series of EERIE REFERENCES to a MOVEMENT and MYSTERY he called “A and Q” prior to the emergence of the claimed conspiracy called “Q”. Very noteworthy is the fact that Obama and others appear to be a focus of the “Q” movement when, n fact, VERY FEW PEOPLE are aware that Obama had quoted Kim Clement for portions of his first political campaign! Special attention should be paid to the commentary on Q by CNN and MSNBC – the revelations this video will bring to you will be nothing short of MIND BLOWING! So, pull up a chair, gather the family and a HUGE tub of Popcorn for htis one, because you WILL BE GLUED to your scren theentire time! BQQM!

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