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Suge Knight’s Son Says He Recorded A Diss Track About Eminem, But It Was So Cruel And Horrible, Both For Eminem And The Listeners, That He Didn’t Release It!

The pair have been at each other’s throats for more than a decade

Suge Knight’s son Jake has once again hit out at musical enemy Eminem, claiming he has recorded a diss track about the Slim Shady rapper. Oh, good, this again.


But rather than releasing the mean-spirited ditty, Jake says he has done too good a job on it, claiming it’s so hurtful that it would be cruel just to let people hear it.

Taking to Instagram, Jake shared a photo, which read: “I have this diss track but it’s so disrespectful that I’m not going to put it out.”

It was posted along with the caption: “I know the fans want it but sometimes us celebrities have to stay in control of the situation. It was fun tho.”

But he wasn’t done there. The next day, he further goaded Eminem’s fans who he said were begging him to release it.



He added: “If you know! Then you know you don’t have to prove s***. Eminem’s sans are so thirsty for my diss track. It’s tempting to drop but the clout lord don’t need it. 20/20 we coming.”

This comes just a few days after Jake shared a photo of Eminem, with the caption: “This guy f***ing sucks.”

And that wasn’t all he had to say on the matter. In a video post, he also told his followers: “Eminem fans be like: “Mom I f***ing hate you, b****. I hate my life.”

“That n**** f***ing sucks, bro.”


He also shared a picture that read: “All my life I never heard nobody and I mean nobody ever say ‘Play that Eminem song’.”

Oh, and then in another, he reminded everyone of his incarcerated father’s legacy – while also taking the opportunity to rip Eminem, writing: “Suge Knight is the reason why we have: Dre Beats, Eminem. If Suge didn’t exist none of this s*** would, hahaha.”

Không có mô tả ảnh.

In the caption he added: “Eminem fans are stubborn but still they should know. His whole career is based off a Dre co-sign. 8 Mile was weak and ashy. Detroit really got real rappers! Not Big Sean!”


One final post showed Jacob ‘in the studio getting ready to f***ing end M&Ms career’.

The beef all stems right back to Eminem and Nick Cannon – bear with me.

The two have been feuding since 2009 (yep, that’s a DECADE of beef), but it was reignited in September when rapper Cannon said he was ready to fight Eminem, during an appearance on the ExpediTIously podcast.

Eminem hit back via the new Fat Joe track ‘Lord Above’, which was released last week, saying something about Cannon’s former marriage to Mariah Carey.

In the track, Eminem raps:


I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note
But that other dude’s whipped, that p***y got him neutered
 tell him his chicks a nut ‘fore he got his jewels clipped
Almost got my caboose kicked.
Fool, quit, you not gon
‘ do s***
I let her chop my balls off too before I lost to you, Nick.”

Suge Knight's son has carried on his feud with rapper Eminem.

THEN Cannon released a couple of diss tracks targeting Eminem: ‘The Invitation’ – featuring vocals from Suge – and ‘Pray For Him’ – in which he made jibes at the Detroit rapper’s sexuality and made claims that he smokes crack.

Ouch. Don’t hold back, Nick.

Cannon says:

“Viewed in America as a motherf***ing drug addict
You’ll never be a legend (Marshall)
Em you should really start to stare at who’s in the mirror
Look at all the f***ing botox, b****, I know you’re embarrassed.
F*** all the tricks and the gimmicks
You like the new white supremacist
Say the same f***in’ sentences
 you ain’t no lyricist
Lam, blam, flam, flam, take xans and train xans
I bet you never thought the kill shot will come from the cannon, blaow
You used to be a renegade.”

And now Jake’s involved too. Come on, guys, let’s just be friends, it’s Christmas.

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