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Submarine Tunnel to Disney World Destroyed – Flooding Reported At The Park – JFK Jr. Report (Video)

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Submarine Tunnel to Disney World Destroyed – Flooding Reported At The Park – JFK Jr. Report

Comments by Mr.Ed 

Research has shown that unholywood was created by the CIA. (so they can influence the population via TV and Movies)

Now we find out the CIA created Disney World…so that means Disney Land is the same thing. (and they are all over the world now)

I always heard stories long ago about how evil/bad Disney is and something to do with the kids? It was never clear. But now it is.

Something else that always bothered me…why does Disney need a ship? A Big Red Ship. Then recently I get reports of the Big Red Ship stopping off at Epstein’s Island for the kids to snorkel.
WHAT??? I’m sure more will surface on that soon.

The islands around Epstein’s island were all part of a WW2 secret submarine base. One of the islands next to Epstein was Opra and another one is Biden. There are many others I don’t know who owns them yet.

Maybe now you start to see a picture forming?

Not long ago I learn his girl friend Ghislaine Maxwell is a submarine pilot…delivering kids to the pedophiles at the islands all out of sight underwater and in tunnels.

How convenient.

I’m not sure what all was going on at the park…but I wonder if child traffickers were coming to the park with a van full of kids for the day…and leaving with none? (and the kids end up in the submarines? off to the islands?)

The clone facility in Orlando is news to me. Not surprised…but new info.

And I just heard lately about them having their own government???
And immune to laws of the land in the state??? WHAT???

That needs to end now. I think Desantis is on that now.

That whole area is NAZI territory as the submarine tunnel is on NASA land. When Disney World was built in the 60′s it was constructed underground first and then the park was built over it. So the tunnel was likely done at the same time period.

This story is still evolving.

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