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Special Forces Save Kids from Deep State Ritual Sacrifice

United States Special Forces on Sunday propitiously interrupted a satanic ritual where Deep State lawmakers had fastened two prepubescent children—a boy and a girl–to sacrificial alters with plans to exsanguinate them for Baphomet—a demon allegedly worshipped by the Knights Templar in the 1300s—hoping the creature would destroy President Trump and his progeny.

Special Forces arrived at the sacrificial lair in Mendocino National Forest, CA, around 10:00 p.m. and saw five cloaked figures standing in a semi-circle and holding hands before a rectangular stone slab the width of two coffins. Worshippers of the goat-headed demon chanted, “Let Trumps be no more, let Trumps be no more,” their features flickering in the light of tiki torches spaced across the area. Affixed to the altar were two small children—spread eagle and held in place with ropes around their wrists and ankles and tent pegs staked to the ground—screaming into the air. Also atop the slab was a 2-foot-tall alabaster figurine carved in the likeness of Baphomet.

A hooded worshipper in black robes had clasped a serrated knife between both hands and was holding it high above his head, poised to drive it deep into the boy’s breastbone, when a round from a suppresser-equipped rifle left a deep, dark cavity where his left eye used to be. The would-be murderer wobbled for a second, then collapsed, as the other ritualists either fled on foot toward vehicles, which Special Forces had already sabotaged, or imbibed liquid from tiny glass vials hanging from necklaces that looked like shoestrings. Three took a draught, asked for Baphomet’s blessing, and succumbed to what must have been fast-acting poison.

As a Special Forces medic treated the helpless children, the other soldiers pursued the remaining cultist into the underbrush, demanding he surrender. He must have had a firearm tucked beneath his robes; Special Forces caught incoming fire, but the bullets struck only bark or zipped harmlessly past them. A voice echoed in the darkness: “Baphomet, take me.” A single discharge followed the unholy plea for salvation.

He was already dead when Special Forces caught up with him a minute later. He had put a pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

With the enemy defeated and the children saved, Special Forces egressed north on foot to a clearing at Plasket Meadow Campground and requested exfiltration by helicopter.

“This was a strange one. The kids are safe. They’re at Camp Pendleton, hopefully recovering from a very traumatic experience.

He provided RRN with details on how General Smith’s office had prescient knowledge of the thwarted sacrifice.

At 5:00 p.m. Sunday, a 5th Columnist—a network of federal intelligence operatives secretly working against the cabal—contacted the general’s attaché claiming to have information on an imminent human sacrifice involving two kidnapped children (whose identities he did not know) and two Deep State lawmakers—Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon and House Rep. John Sarbanes of Maryland. He had an audio recording of Wyden and Sarbanes espousing fealty for Baphomet and discussing plans to offer their demon lord two children that midnight. At one point in the conversation, Wyden mentions Plasket Meadow Campground and “draining them”, and Sarbanes says, “I’ve taken care of everything.”

The ever-cautious General Smith, our source said, was naturally suspicious of the audio file; the tale of two obscure Democrats conspiring to murder kids in the woods to appease a mythical demon that might fix their Trump troubles seemed impossibly fantastical.

Nonetheless, the general had Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command forensically compare the voices on the file to known recordings of the Democrat despots. Experts found a 99.5% match—good enough for Gen. Smith.

He did not, however, exclude the probability of White Hats strolling into a trap.

“Gen. Smith spoke with 5th Special Forces Group commander Brent Lindemen, and they decided to send a small team in and have a large Marine force on standby. A Special Forces detachment was at Pendleton and didn’t need long to prep for the op,” our source said.

He added that the nodus were arriving near the campground undetected and determining where the sacrifice would take place in the dense forest.

“We didn’t know who else would be there, or how many, or exactly where, or if they had sentries there in advance. A lot of variables in play. Sacrifice. Midnight. Campground. Kids. And those monsters were probably pedophiles, too. That’s what we had,” our source said.

A Marine Corps CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter inserted the team two miles east of the campground at 9:00 p.m. Upon arriving at Plasket Meadows an hour later, Special Forces spotted three vehicles abutting the gravel road connecting the campground to Forest Highway 7. The engines were still warm. The team picked up a trail—multiple fresh footprints leading south. They advanced 500 yards and heard the “no more Trumps” mantras.

“Sarbanes was the guy with the knife, and Wyden blew off the back of his head. The fact is, we got lucky ‘cause this all went down before midnight. We’ll never know if that time was meant to be set in stone or if they rushed for whatever reason,” our source said.

He added that a second team later recovered the Deep State bodies, saying he could not presently disclose the other three names.

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