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Situation Update: War Is Looming! Axis & Allies! Evil Child Hunting Parties! Missing Children! Market Collapse With Evergrande! – We The People News

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All I know is I hold the line, ARMED. Their plan works, or mine works. I die an American defending this country one way or the other.

We need to start demanding evidence of tribunals, cadavars of ppl like epstein and before long the queen and pope, executions need to be open to the public so we know its happening, we need proof and independant verification of everything, i dont ‘trust the plan’ and noone should. We have a right to proof amidst all this deception.

And im fed up of all this secrecy and lies, theres always some excuse for it, to protect the ppl, to fool the deepstate. There always seems to be a reason for them to not give us proof and force us to trust them.

Itll be the death of us. We gotta start demanding these things. I bet the queens very much still alive and just been taken off the board, shes probably having a grand old time in a dumb mansion in Antartica with a lifetimes supply of caged children. Trust is earned when every individual has agreed their criteria has been met.

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