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Situation Update, Sep 4, 2023 – Burning Man ‘Mudpocalypse’ Reminds Us There Are Consequences for Not Being Prepared! – Mike Adams

– Burning Man ritualistic anti-human, pro-satanism event turns into life-threatening disaster
– Rich, elitist “techno bros” attend every year, and they aren’t prepared for reality
– A costly lesson in survival gear: Rain gear, satellite comms, backup power, water filters and more
– Will Joe Biden rescue #BurningMan techno-idiots while ignoring #Lahaina victims?
– My adventure to Lockhart, Texas, the home of historical #Texas barbeque
– You should taste the BBQ from Smitty’s Market at least once in your life
– California Democrat admits he was WRONG to support laws legalizing #shoplifting
– Retailers in blue cities facing “near extinction” due to massive retail theft
– Some retailers now locking up laundry detergent and TOOTHPASTE due to rampant crime
– Mad Max scenario has begun to unfold and will only accelerate from here
– Relocate away from all urban areas NOW while you still can

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