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Situation Update, Sep 20, 2023 – Global intel Analysis & Warnings With Major Jeffrey Prather, Ret. – Mike Adams

– RFK, Jr. raises $2.2 million with Eric Clapton benefit
– RFK has huge cross-party appeal and charisma
– Zelensky fires six corrupt defense ministers caught in scandals
– Comic Hasan Minha FABRICATED stories of racial discimination to pretend he was the victim
– #Ukraine confirmed to have Gonzalo Lira in prison – incarcerated for “speech crimes”
– Why is the USA sending money to defend “democracy” in Ukraine when they criminalize people for speech?
– #CDC confirms it takes one million jabs to prevent just one death… while injuring 100,000+
– NYT admits civilian market explosion was caused by Ukrainian missile, not Russian
– Korea joins investigation into Apple’s iPhone 12 high radiation emissions
– British medical council erases the word “mother” in latest cultural attack on womanhood
– Full interview with former DIA intelligence operative Jeffrey Prather
– US cities will collapse, Western Europe headed into ruin
– “Woke” US military can’t find ANY war, and morale has collapsed

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