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Situation Update, Oct 12, 2023 – Tomorrow Declared to Be Worldwide Muslim Jihad Uprising Day in Response to Israel’s Carpet Bombing of Gaza! – Mike Adams

– Friday the 13th announced as Muslim UPRISING day around the world
– #Israel prepares for armed INVASION of Gaza
– Israel promises to turn Gaza strip into POW camp, to enslave all Palestinians
– Sen. Marco Rubio calls for extermination of Palestinians
– Sen. Lindsay Graham says Israel should “level the place” and kill them all
– 9 UN relief staffers killed by Israeli (IDF) bombing of #Gaza
– The stench of Apartheid is alive and well in Israel’s treatment of Palestinians
– A brief history of ethnic cleansing: Japanese empire, Nanking massacre of Chinese, Koreans
– VIDEO: New York pro-Israel supporters call for total genocide, extermination of Palestinians
– ATF issues warning about cartels acquiring heavy weapons in Texas
– Major “event” to take place within 60 days, involving cartels and terrorism
– Border Patrol agents are being doxxed so that cartels can target their families
– Full interview with David Clements on election integrity and a warning about 2024

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