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Situation Update: Into The Storm! Are You Ready? Political FBI Raid Triggers Deep State Coup! DEFCON Levels Change! White Hat Intel! Juan O Savin & Dr. David Martin Insights! – We The People News

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To All Patriot Warriors here right now.
Keep on fighting against the Evil somehow.

A Higher Power that’s in control, and never ignored
We all need you now, even more than before
This story is not over until freedom has been restored.

I’m sending this out into the world once again
Pray that all people, and those who have sinned
Will find it in their heart to repent once more.
To embrace what’s on the other side of the door.

I am Not here to step on anyone’s toes
Just want this world to finally know
We are many, they are now minus a few.
We have the numbers, to truly rescue
All the children here on our earth
If they never stop the urgent search.

#SaveTheChildren…..given to us, from God above.
Have A Blessed Day ….You too are loved 🙏

God, We Need You Now / with lyrics to define,
We Are All One Human Race, So keep that in mind.

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