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Situation Update: Biden COVID Conspiracy Exposed! We’re in Zero Hour! Blue Book! End of Covid! Nano Chip Nightmare! D.C. Protest! 32 Nation Alliance! – We The People News

OK, family, lemme give you the skinny. All this is a game that nobody’s winning. The good guys and bad guys all in the same bed. Doesnt matter the color hat they wear on their head. You’re living in a simulation, that’s the truth. Like a video game level you played in your youth. To pass the level you must rise above it. Trump, Fauci, Biden tell them all to shove it. Yeshua wasnt out there fighting against Rome. He didnt fight that fight, he left it alone. Indeed, its all in God’s hands.

There’s nothing you can do to throw a wrench in His plans. The world’s not ours to rescue @ the end of the day. And others must choose the hands that they play. Its not your job to wake others up. Your brother alone decides what’s in his cup. And disconnecting from all of it is strongly advised. Trust you me, a word from the wise. They want your distracted, yearning to win. Your energy sent out instead of focusing in. Best to turn this off or itll drive you mad. And by the time its all over, you’ll likely be glad.


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