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Situation Update, April 25, 2022 – 5G Activation of Vaccine “Chimeric” Payload Could Unleash Bio-Apocalypse! – Mike Adams Must Video 

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For all those who were coerced or mandated into getting the jab and now suffering injury, do not despair. There is a clinic, beyond reach of the corporate medical cartel, where researchers have been working on an antidote. They are providing effective treatment for vaccine detox to airline pilots, helping them to keep or recover their medical status, “below the radar” of the FAA. Patient anonymity is strictly enforced. They also accept flight attendant patients, but no vaccine injured are turned away. Its in Cancun, Mexico, which has an international airport and receives daily flights from major cities in the US & Canada. For the skeptical: vaccinated people arriving with a positive D-dimer lab test (indicating the spike proteins are causing micro clots in the circulation) are testing negative after a week of treatment. That is proof the treatment is effective at reversing the blood clotting issue, at least. Only time will tell if other vaccine damage is also reversed. They are cautiously optimistic.


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