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Shocked to learn that producer Suge Knight twice hired someone to “eliminate” Eminem because of Dr Dre

Sge Knight has wanted to kill Eminem many times.

Eminem’s former bodyguard, Byron Williams, just shocked him when he revealed the shocking truth that Sge Knight once planned to assassinate Eminem but failed. According to Byron, Suge Knight hired someone to “eliminate” Eminem twice, the first time was at the Sorce Hip Hop awards ceremony in 2001 and the second time was during an occasion when Eminem went to Hawaii to perform.



Eminem once met him at the Sorce Hip Hop awards ceremony

“There was a situation that happened at the Sorce Awards, which was the first encounter with Suge Knight and his henchmen,” Byron Williams recalled when participating in an interview with the program “Murder master music show “, “They broke into a place where artists were not allowed to sit with bodyguards. I also thought it was designed like that because people really want artists to be able to connect with each other, but it also helps those with the power to cause trouble.


Byron added that Eminem was then surrounded by people wearing red shirts and the thugs even openly stated that they received orders to act from Sge Knight. Fortunately, Byron promptly pulled Eminem out and called Dr. Dre came to report the situation.



Sge Knight was unhappy when Eminem signed with Dr. Dre

After the first attack, danger continued to strike Eminem when the rapper went to Hawaii to perform. Byron Williams further shared that Suge Knight sent 50 guys to sabotage the show and when Eminem arrived, there were 20 police officers from the city of Honolulu who had to escort him to ensure Eminem’s safety. Both the famous rapper and his bodyguards are equipped with bulletproof vests and are strictly monitored to avoid clashes with Sge Knight’s people.


Sge Knight is also in prison on charges of murder

At the present time, once famous music producer Sge Knight is still in prison after being charged with attempted murder in California last February. Ty Sge Knight still maintains that he is completely innocent, but what Byron Williams recently revealed has seriously lowered Suge Knight’s credibility. Currently, the future of this manufacturer is also becoming darker than ever.

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