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SGanon: Trump’s Codified Announcement: He’s The 19th President Of New American Republic! – Must Video

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

The decoding of President Trump’s 15 November 2022 speech at Mar-a-lago will go down in WORLD history as the turning point in America’s NEW Continental, Constitutional, ‘u’nited States ‘For’ America is explained by SG Anon in this Part 5 of the series …

We The Awakened are very blessed and privileged to witness these historic events during our lifetime as we see President Trump, Q and the military White Hats of many nations converge on The Deep State to end their perpetual tyranny FOREVER!

We The People, should never allow these tyrants to exist EVER in the coming generations of our childrens children … our grandchildren will be taught of these historic events and WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THESE EDUCATIONAL HISTORIC HISTORIES, WITH THE PATRIOTS FIGHTING, DYING AND REVEALING THE WAR FOR YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL … or with the sheep who didn’t know until it was far too late …

That reality has already been determined by who got ‘SHOT’ and who didn’t so to all the UNVAXXED, WE SALUTE YOU!

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