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Sept 4-7 Presidential Messages, Sept 7-10 Ten Days of Quantum Starlink System Takeover 24/7

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 2 Sept. 2021

Compiled Thurs. 2 Sept. 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Ride the Storm of the Century, Patriots.
You ARE the News.
Trust the Plan…Q

Fleming Report Wed. 1 Sept.: Our Military Intel Contact said that because things were so sensitive, he was trying to find out what he could say, or confirm and what he could not say, or confirm. He should know by tomorrow Thurs. 2 Sept.

A. Possible Calendar of Events:

Wed. 1 Sept. 2021 Unemployment Benefits ended for 7+million American workers, leading to unpaid mortgages, rent and more failure in small businesses.

Thurs. 2 Sept. to Tues. 7 Sept. China’s Navy to conduct large-scale military exercises in the East China Sea. US Military on High Alert.

Fri. 3 Sept.: Expected Three Gorges Dam Break

Sat. 4 Sept. to Tues. 7 Sept.: Three Days of Presidential Messages

Tues. 7 Sept. to Fri. 10 Sept: 10 Days of Darkness, airing of documentaries 24/7 as Quantum Starlink System took over.

Mon. 6 Sept. to Fri. 10 Sept.: Feast of Trumpets Jubilee

Mon. 6 Sept. to Fri. 10 Sept.: beginning of Military Tribunals

Fri. 10 Sept.: Anniversary of signing of Constitution

Sat. 11 Sept: 9/11 Anniversary with announcement of NESARA/GESARA and gold-backed currencies of the Global Currency Reset.

B. The Real News for Wed. 1 Sept:

1st ELECTION Audit = AZ, Quantum Computer = AZ, 305th Military Intelligence = AZ

Arizona is where the Quantum Computer is. It is where the 1st Audit is being done on BLOCKCHAIN Technology. John – JFK Jr’s favorite team is Arizona Cardinals. Now what is the opposite of DOG? GOD right? What day did GOD say it will rain? In Genesis. 7 11 right. Now John it is time to come out in your I’m Back shirt and remove that Traitor Biden out of there. Bring Diana, MJ, Elvis & others out with you and let TRUTH be told. GOD WINS.

Fort Huachuca, AZ is the home of 111th Military IntelligenceBrigade (that Flynn led) that houses 305th Kraken Battalion among others

Shell Shock: Robert David Steele and Mcafee dead, or alive in the Witness Protection Program? You can run but you can’t hide. “We have it all.”

Buckle up ! Judicial Watch Court Hearing scheduled on Declassification and release of electronic communication used to launch the Obama Administration’s Spygate operation on President Trump’s 2016 Campaign.

Mr Pool 03 06 (Mirror the 06 to 09) Liquidity Event Drop Q896/7: Date 03/09 3rd September Lets hope CHYNA + DAM [3GD] 374 (3.11) 11.3 CRASH] & STORM TWEET leads to 3 day EVENT based on BAY OF PIGS Takes us to FEAST OF TRUMPETS JUBILEE Year 6th to 8th September 7 2021 [777] You know the 9/11 [10 Day Military Tribunal] beginning 6th. September 10 E.O13848 Deadline September 11 Jesus Bday September 17 1787 Constitution Signed as asked by Ingersol Lockwood site. Ends on September 24th.

Quantum Starlink Satellite System: Our new Internet, folks. Beta Version is ready to go. 7500 times as fast as we have. Secret Space Programs controlled Guardians of the Galaxy. United States Space Force who only became known in 2018. Quantum Starlink is going to control many new systems on this Planet. All the old will be gone very shortly. This is how we get New Internet, Free Energy, Med Beds, new Voting Systems. The Power to whole entire World will switch off briefly like Q64 says. In late December they started testing. Israel was switched off for 30 mins. Then in January they tested by turning 10 Countries off at once. Don’t think I have seen any since. Just large internet outages.

Last night, the White House announced the end of the 20-year war in Afghanistan, and the Taliban radicals celebrated this by testing their new weapons and ammunition provided by Biden. Several militants accidentally wounded each other in their joy. It’s like cavemen playing dress-up games and experimenting with expensive high-tech equipment. Sources report that the Taliban currently possess US military equipment worth $ 85 billion. The Biden regime admitted that hundreds (if not thousands) of Americans remained in Afghanistan. Now many experts fear that as soon as Sharia law comes into force in Afghanistan, Americans will be immediately executed, Christians and Jews will be exterminated, and women will be subjected to ill-treatment.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby admitted that the Biden regime left Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. The Pentagon claims that 200 Americans are still there, but mathematically the data just doesn’t add up. A couple of weeks ago, Fox News host Sean Hannity reported that tens of thousands of Americans live in Afghanistan, and only 6,000 have been evacuated.

A leaked transcript shows that Biden pressured Afghan President Ghani to lie about the achievements of the Taliban in order to downplay the significance of the crisis.

An Afghan journalist: “The family that was blown up by Joe Biden’s missile strike had special visas and was going to leave Afghanistan.”

A three-year-old California boy is stuck in Afghanistan, journalists write about it, distributing photos of his documents, but Joe Biden calls the withdrawal of troops “an extraordinary success.”

Biden abandoned the interpreter who was stuck in Afghanistan, who saved his life during a snowstorm in 2008.

Biden assures the country that the Americans remaining in Afghanistan will be able to leave after the adoption of the UN resolution.

The Washington Post reported that US Representative Markwayne Mullin decided to go to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan on a rescue mission, despite numerous warnings from the Pentagon and the State Department not to do so, and that no one knows where he is now.

In a scathing article for The Wall Street Journal, William McGurn, the chief speechwriter of former US President George W. Bush, criticized Biden for constantly remembering his late son Beau after American servicemen and women were killed by terrorists in Afghanistan, and also criticizes him for refusing to answer any questions from journalists related to Afghanistan.

JFK Jr.: There is always something wrong with Biden. We have seen many times how strange metamorphoses are performed with his “face”. Also, if you pay attention to the cheekbones, eyebrows in profile, then he doesn’t look like himself at all. This is happening for a reason. This is a masked actor.

Spain: WATCH – Massive flooding after heavy rains washed away cars and furniture in Toledo, Spain

Russia: Second Chernobyl. The forest fire has reached the main center of nuclear tests, the closed city of Sarov.

Australia: The Truckies have ‘apparently’ done it. Full blockade to every Sydney Entrance has been in place. I’m getting news that their signals were jammed, a lot of their social media’s have been taken down and not one news organization (including sky news) will be reporting on this. However, digital life doesn’t always resemble real life and in real life entrances have all been blocked. THE TRUCKIES DID IT FULL MEDIA BLACK-OUT ON AUSTRALIA! FASCISTBOOK AND ALL NEWS STATIONS WONT COVER THIS.

California: Apocalypse now scenes in California, fires speed to meet lake. Caldore fire burning area larger than Singapore, 14% contained. In 2021, 6,800 fires burned 1.7m acres, damage to surpass 2020. “There is fire activity happening in California that we’ve never seen before.”

Drug Pipeline From California To Western Pennsylvania Dismantled, 47 Indicted

Purdue Pharma goes bankrupt — Company dissolved with owners expected to pay whopping $4.5 billion to settle opioid claims. The manufacturer of OxyContin, was dissolved Wednesday in a wide-ranging bankruptcy settlement which will see the owners, the Sackler family, turn over billions of their fortune to address the opioid epidemic.

A high school teacher from Sacramento urges his students to become” revolutionaries “of Antifa, considers American children “martyrs for the cause”.

A man has been arrested after claiming to have planted a bomb at Trump’s hotel in Vegas.

The Arizona Democrats want to test voting in the elections on a mobile phone.

The Texas legislature passes a comprehensive bill on the integrity of the Republican Party’s elections after Democrats fled to the District of Columbia as a result of a failed stunt.

Biden restores the program of attracting illegal immigrants who have not passed the verification and using “non-profit organizations” to move them around the country.

The attorneys general of 20 states have sued the Biden administration over a new policy that provides federal protection for transgender athletes.

Paris has set a speed limit of 19 mph (30 km) throughout the city to convince drivers to abandon cars and contribute to improving the environmental situation.

A US Navy helicopter crashed off the coast of San Diego, the causes and consequences are not reported.

“THE END” .. Donald Trump jr. Posts in Instagram

GOP Congressman Who Threatened ‘Rogue’ Mission to Rescue Americans is ‘Missing’

Chase Bank reverses course, claims it mistakenly cancelled General Flynn’s credit card.

Florida diner owner posts sign telling Biden backers “to take your business elsewhere”!

Marine BLASTS superiors who ordered him to go on mental health evaluation after posting DAMNING view on botched Afghan exit

PFIZER COLLUSION: Fauci says deadly spike protein injections should be mandatory for all children under age 12

Researchers show that children are much safer developing natural immunity to COVID-19 than getting vaccinated

New Zealand government confirms woman died from the Pfizer vaccine

New South Wales will keep vaccinating residents against COVID-19 for YEARS to come, says state’s top doctor

Millionaire journalist offers $1.7 million to anyone who can prove the coronavirus can cause disease

Red Cross Says Vaccine Takers Can’t Donate Plasma to Covid Patients Wednesday Live

Azorean Tatum: 16-year-old Tennessee kid collapses at school, dies days later after receiving Pfizer (Comirnaty) mRNA…

Francesca Marcon: 38-year-old Italian volleyball player develops pericarditis after second Pfizer mRNA injection.

Kelly Higgins: 31-year-old Ohio woman talked into Moderna injection by her doctor, develops blood clots, myocarditis…

‘I Hope You Burn in Hell,’ Sister of Slain Marine Tells Biden After Disrespectful Move During Ceremony

North Korea rejects offer of almost 3 million #COVID19 jabs, requests the UN to relocate the shots to other nations, citing concerns over potential side effects.

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