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Scott Ritter: The Russia Grain Deal Cancellation, Wagner Events, Ukraine Desperately Tries to Drag Poland into Russian War (Video)

In this 23 July 2023 video, Scott Ritter speaks with Stephen Gardner about the now cancelled grain deal which allowed Ukraine and Russia to use the black sea for shipping. Progohzin is finished. Putin will spare his life but Progohzin will be removed from Wagner and forced to live in shame, exiled in Belarus. Colonel Douglas Macgregor says Ukraine is trying to pull Poland into the war with Putin, and Zelenskyy has made clear his desperation to pull Poland into the war. This would strengthen their numbers and force NATO’s hand. 

However, Scott Ritter believes USA will tell Poland to stand down or go it alone with a two country alliance. NATO will not defend or rescue Poland. This is becoming more and more dangerous as USA leads NATO towards world war 3.


0:05 Scott Ritter details the damage of Russia cancelling the Grain deal
2:50 World food costs will go up
6:20 no one cares about feeding people in Africa, this is all about money
7:50 Progohzin is done! Putin will allow his life, but he will be banned to Belarus for life
15:30 Progohzin nearly started a civil war within Russia
17:30 Many soldiers in the Wagner mercenary group didn’t know they were marching on Moscow
22:00 I personally knew people in the Wagner group
23:30 Colonel Douglas Macgregor says Ukraine is trying to pull Poland into the war with Putin
26:00 Poland wants to dissolve the border between Poland and Western Ukraine
27:30 NATO will NOT back Poland if they go into Ukraine

Who is Stephen Gardner? Stephen Gardner is a best-selling financial author with 8 books. He also does financial coaching to show clients how to build wealth and quickly eliminate their debt using his FOCUS method. His most popular book is Taming Wall Street.

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