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Scott McKay Patriot Streetfighter With Gene Decode: Military Operations, Afghanistan, Secret Space Programs! – Must Video

Talking w/ Gene Decode of Military Operations, Afghanistan’s freedom from the Cabal, Secret Space Programs and more. PULLED FROM YT IN 24 HRS W/ 40K VIEWS.

Gene’s the man. Makes complete sense. I give up trying to open peoples minds. I wach’em lining up for these illegal injections, and inside I weep. They just can’t see the truth, and more to the point , they wont even listen to it.

Hang in there Brother, we are getting to the end and it’s going to hurt. A lot of sh*t will happen to make us all hurt for it to be seen. It really sucks it has to be that way, but it is necessary sadly. Remember God gave us Free Will and these people choose on their own so it is on them.


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