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Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

since POTUS took office

– They never thought she would lose. SHE LOST!
– An outsider became POTUS
– Q happened
– 3 SCOTUS picks
– 300 Judges
– Planned Parenthood organ harvesting exposed!
– Climate Change Hoax, shot down West Virginia vs the EPA
– SCOTUS Protects 2A constitutional carry!
– MSM Mockingbird media exposed!
– BIG Tech Exposed!
– Elections being rigged EXPOSED!
– Georgia Guidstones destroyed!
– Embassy moved to Jerusalem
– Abraham Accords
– Exposure to school indoctrination of our children
– Evil Exposed like never before!
– The Explosion of human trafficking arrests
– Big Pharma exposed!
– Three letter agencies exposed (ongoing)
– NWO exposed!
– Pedo Island Exposed! Epstein WW clients (ongoing)
– Awakened us to what’s in our food
– Rhinos & deepstate exposed!
– Disney EXPOSED!
– Biolabs exposed!
– Chemtrails exposed!
– BLM exposed!
– Lightning strikes George Floyd Memorial!
– George Soros exposed!
– FTX Exposed
– Adrenochrome exposed! (More to come)
– EO 13848 extended, again
– American spirit reignited🔥🇺🇸
– People Worldwide Waking up every day!
– Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth are dead!
– Evelyn De Rothschild, London Head of Banking Dynasty, Dead
– Benjamin de Rothschild dead
– Twitter Takeover, Parlor takeover, Truth Social
– Liz Cheney Dynasty ☠️!
– McCain Dynasty ☠️
– We won the House!
– We Fires Nancy Pelosi
– Canada will be under Trump as well as Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands

Wells Fargo just laid off 90% of their mortgage bankers.

Who needs mortgage bankers when NESARA is around the corner

Amazon Jeff Bozo to give pink slips to 10,000 before christmas
meanwhile all the grandpas on BITCH u te who love clify HIGH, maxy egan,mikey adams etc
say nothing is going on but saint hitler…. cause they know everything and will stay with their heros in 3D Matrix

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