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notice how i put up videos and the trolls like flies on shit come here and then
within a half hour others copy the video and put it up and with 1/10 th the amount of views are seen while they hide mine
and you have J Crensahw also copy and post them a few days later..he has now 21,000 views on what i put up last week
you can not make this shit up on SHIT ute and BITCH u te …yet millions of dummies live here and these retards know everything watchig the all the boys on TRENDING every day

My virus proetction says that BITCH u te has riskware
many are riskware is that they have a trojan that steals your info and since charLIE ward and THE BITCH BOYS are both FREEMASONS..they steal and sell it for the LOVE OF MONEY.

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