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This has been caught on video so many times where the Reptilian handler speaks for/through the puppet politician. Here is another very recent one caught live on video. There is no doubt about who is really doing the talking here, the Black politician is the JEWISH GLOBALIST COMMUNIST SATANIC CABAL puppet with the Reptilian’s hand up her ass (figuratively speaking). You can tell she is not the script writer following along, because her lips said the wrong page number (then corrected) while the politician puppet did the same thing in real time. When the Reptilian notices the camera she covers her mouth and tries to hide her eyes. There is a video of Hillary out there doing the same thing when she was on the campaign trail against Trump, and even her inner eyes flash at the same time as her Reptilian handler standing behind her. You can also find videos and photos in Congress & the Senate when Reptilians can be seen as their “GLAMOR” is dropped on film showing their true form. Also a video out there of a Black woman at the UN when her “GLAMOR” is dropped on video showing her true form. The Reptilians have to be in close proximity to their politician puppet, they normally are within a few feet behind them or close to their side.

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