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Q Military is in Control It’s About To Go Down!

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

First of all, I want to thank Kerry Cassidy for having the courage to question the trust the plan get your popcorn enjoy the show narrative to bring out some very important details about Maui.

This tragedy in Maui has caused me to pause and ask some very important hard questions.

1. How could space force not know that this was going to happen?

2. Why did the military stationed in Maui and Kuai not interfere?

3. Why did the military that’s stationed all over the world not interfere?

4. Did the military in Maui and Kuai do this?

5. Why is Oprah still walking around buying property in Hawaii?

6. Is this the new 911 that will stop the Nesara Gesara and propel the Deep State to their next phase of the NWO?

7. Is the perfect storm and 5d chess psyop being perpetrated on we the people?

8. The proof that the 2020 election was stolen was available to us not long after it happen. Mike lindell had every cyber detail on other countries having access to the dominion machines not to mention the 2000 mules! Why did Trump put them on hold?

9. How long did we wait for Bill Barr just to find out he was a Deep State Operative?

10. What happened to Mr Punisher John Durham?

11. Day after day, week after week, month after month and 3 years later is the same “trust the plan” “Gesara Nesara happening next week” “fasten your seat belts” “its happening” “its going down” and yet nothing happens?

12. Why wait for everyone to wake up and wait to be at the brink of destruction while millions are being killed through vaccines and deep state related events such as Hawaii?

This stinks to high heaven.

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