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Q+ Juan O Savin Oct 4 – Fasten Your Seatbelt

Q+ Juan O Savin Oct 4 – Fasten Your Seatbelt

Buckle up, dear reader, because what you are about to uncover is information that many have tried to bury deep beneath the surface. This is not just another news story, but a narrative that unravels the dark intricacies of global powerhouses—a narrative that many don’t want you to read.

It’s glaringly clear: the foundations of power, once believed to be invincible, are showing signs of weakening. Both the UN and NATO are experiencing an unprecedented breakdown, and who are the fingers behind this chaos? None other than the deep state elites and party powers who have been operating behind closed doors for years. And let’s not even begin to talk about the shocking absence of the President of China and the top brass of the Chinese Communist Party from the recent G20 summit. Coincidence? Think again.

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