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Project Dark Winter 2021: The Deep State’s End Game! Epic Must See Mini-Movie You Won’t Soon Forget!

DID THEY REALLLY MEAN THE WINTER OF 2021? During the summer and fall last year, many in the ruling class, including Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, were repeatedly talking about a “dark winter.” While all winters are dark as long as we have rulers treating us like slaves, the talk of a “dark winter” has once again begun. YES OPERATION DARK WINTER DOES EXIST! But, what is “Dark Winter” and why should you care? Joe Biden did not coin the phrase, but he did reveal something very important, a clue – a secret.    Well, watch this EPIC Mini-Movie, in the Old Style Fashion of James Red Pills America, for a peek into just what this could mean for our Country – and the WORLD! Buckle up and don’t forget the Popcorn, Patriots, you’re gonna need BOTH of them for this EPIC takedown of Satan’s Army!

“Dark Winter” is a government Bioterrorism Exercisethat was held at Andrews Air Force Base on June 22-23, 2001. And here’s the strange part – and an OMINOUS QUESTION to ponder for all of us: One year ago candidate Joe Biden warned America that a dark winter is coming. But, did he REALLY mean the Winter of 2021..?!   It’s still hard to tell if this “dark winter” hyperbole is predictive programming or a threat. Maybe it’s both. Never put anything past anyone who wants power over you in any amount and for any reason. Stay alert and prepared either way. No one is coming to save us, we must save ourselves by realizing we are not their slaves. “…Put on the Whole Armor of God….” Ephesians 6:11-18

Dark Winter discusses a pandemic that mirrors COV-19 to the tee including the following; 1.) Mass vaccinationhandled by the U.S. Army in the millions of doses. 2.) The strategic closure of all schools, business and non essential activities including limiting the amount of people at gatherings. 3.) A travel ban in and out of the US including local state to state border closing – eventually leading to only allowing those with proof of vaccination to enter and exit. 4.) Martial lawannounced after the economy crashes 5.) Mandatory isolation/detainment of infected persons at FEMA camps The “Dark Winter” report release date plays an important factor and was chosen for a reason. 6/22/2001 is exactly 6766 days (and 966 weeks) from the date COV-19 was announced on 12/31/2019. A convenient 666 hidden in plain sight twice from those pulling the strings behind the scenes. Joe was right, we are about to enter a “Dark Winter.” Are you awake, aware, and prepared?

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