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Prince Harry’s Comments About Queen Camilla as ‘Villain’ Go Viral, Rift Deepens and Bridge-Building Efforts Stall

In the viral video, which has been liked more than 10,400 times and viewed over 287,000 times in just a couple of days, the Duke of Sussex describes his stepmother as “the third person in their marriage” and claims she “needed to rehabilitate her image.”

“She was the villain,” Harry said in the clip. “She was the third person in their marriage. She needed to rehabilitate her image.” When asked by Cooper if he and his brother, Prince William, directly asked their father not to marry Camilla, Harry replied, “Yes. We didn’t think it was necessary. We thought that it was gonna cause more harm than good and that, if he was now with his person, surely that’s enough.”

The resurfaced comments have sparked a new wave of discussion on social media, with one TikTok user commenting, “I love that he choose to protect his mothers image over his fathers. That right there said a lot!” The remarks, which were initially met with controversy when the interview first aired, were said by some to have crossed one of King Charles III’s red lines.

According to Christopher Andersen, author of “The King,” the reigning British monarch is still unable to forgive his younger son for casting Queen Camilla as the villain in his 2023 tell-all “Spare.” Andersen told Fox News Digital, “I think people have to realize that the one thing that Charles finds unforgivable is criticism of Camilla. There’s no criticism of Camilla. And unfortunately for Harry… Harry said some pretty devastating things about her. He made it clear that he felt she was… the villain in the piece. I think that still bothers the king, and I don’t know that it will be easy for him to [forgive]. I don’t think they’ll ever forgive Harry for that.”

Andersen also claimed that Harry is “on his own” when it comes to making amends with his family, despite his reported attempts to have peace talks. The Duke of Sussex, who has a strained relationship with his family, rushed to London in February for a brief visit after the king was diagnosed with an undisclosed type of cancer. However, Harry has seen his father infrequently since he quit royal duties in 2020 and moved to California with his wife, Meghan Markle.

In televised interviews to promote “Spare,” Harry accused Camilla of leaking private conversations to the media to burnish her own reputation and singled out her efforts to rehabilitate her image with the public after her longtime affair with his father. “That made her dangerous because of the connections that she was forging within the British press,” Harry told CBS. “There was open willingness on both sides to trade information. And with a family built on hierarchy, and with her on the way to being queen consort, there was gonna be people or bodies left in the street.”

Andersen claimed that Harry and William didn’t want their father to marry Camilla and tried to talk him out of it, but they had to put on a public face of acceptance. The author also suggested that both princes feel a sense of betrayal over Charles’ decision to make Camilla queen, despite his promise not to do so.

While Harry’s relationship with his father and stepmother remains strained, Andersen believes that the hardest nut to crack in the family rift is Prince William. “He has taken [what Harry wrote about him] very, very personally. And he’s [very] moody,” Andersen claimed. “I think he’s probably the moodiest… although he is incredibly charming. Obviously, he has great people skills. But behind the scenes, I think he’s really rock hard in his feelings about things, and it’s very hard for him to change his ways.”

Despite Harry’s reported efforts to extend an olive branch, it seems that the wounds caused by his criticism of Camilla and the revelations in “Spare” will take a long time to heal, if ever.

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