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President Trump Is Running A Shadow Government! – Dr. Steve Turley (Must Video)

Since the FDA and Pfizer just announced the “approval” of their experimental drug, does this now mean we can sue them both for debilitating side effects and death?

If he is, he needs to give the doctors who opposed to vax a platform to speak and bring their arguments and data forward for everybody to see, because big Tech and mainstream media has censored them to s***.

Exactly, Trump needs to get off the vaccine BS. There was NEVER a need for a vaccine. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine cocktail and now Rick DeSantis and the Monoclonal Anti-body treatment. With those alone, everyone could have built up a natural immunity that will NOT wane like the ever plummeting efficacy of ALL the mRNA vaccines. No vaccines, no boosters. It’s all a gift that never made any sense from the very beginning. Viruses become WEAKER, not stronger when they mutate. The media is LYING to you. What was a potentially dangerous flu to many in the past soon mutates into nothing more than a cold. This was NEVER about a virus or a fake pandemic, it was about control. The plan now is to blame everything on the unvaccinated. The 200 Million + unvaccinated in the US need to stand strong. There are likely more as the vaccinated stats are controlled by the Bill Gates Foundation. That man needs to DIE for mass murder.

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